Italian Bed & Breakfast & Bike

Meet, Ride, Think

We believe in:


A world in which relationship are more important than places to visit,

A world that gives you time to think, while you ride and drop of sweat runs down your forehead,

A world made of people, simple, truthful and empathic people who welcome you with a hug

How does it work?


Book a single B & B and explore the area with the 2 bikes that we give you during your stay.

Pick where do you want to go,

Pick your stop-overs along your route, you can design it: long, short, easy, difficult,

Pick who is going to host you, Francesca, Mario, Beatrice,

Take the bike in the first B&B and have fun,

Return to the first B&B with the bikes or

Leave the bikes in the last B&B on your route.




Tell your story and listen to that of your host

Pay when you arrive, we trust you

Move from a B&B to another, there is no assistance but you decide the distance

When you leave, if you like it, leave a hug not a review


Pick where you want to go

Pick who is going to host you, Francesca, Beatrice, Mario etc

explore the area with the 2 bikes that we give you during your stay

... you can also book 2 or more B&B and move with our bike from a B&B to another, you can disign your route

Confirm all stays with just one click

or contact directly your host

(sorry for the lack of translation we will provide shortly)

Rates are 3, and change according to the B&B you book 75 - 90 - 105 euros per room per night. Include double room, breakfast and 2 bikes


Study the route

Ask the Hosts for advice

Wait impatiently  to depart

Meet: Mario, Paola, Francesca, Beatrice...

Take the bikes and leave for a wonderful adventure

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le disponibilità sono limitate perché i B&B hanno poche camere, se non trovi la camera sul sito puoi chiamare direttamente il gestore e chiedere della formula Empathic Bike !

Hai un Bed&Breakfast ?

Vuoi innovare il B&B e entrare in Empathic Bike ?


ti invieremo tutte le informazioni su come fare.

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