Italian Bed & Breakfast & Bike

Meet, Ride, Dream

We believe in:


A world where relationship are more important than places to visit

An holiday that gives you time to think

A community of people, simple, truthful and empathic, who welcome you with a hug

Rules for travelers:


Tell your story and listen to  your

guests stories (it's Important)

Pay when you arrive, we trust you

If you want, move from a B&B to another with bikes, there is no assistance but they are close

and you decide the distance

When you leave, if you like it,

leave a hug not a review


...and of course Take It Easy !

How it works for a B&B


When a B&B  join us, evolves his service adding

the third "B" and start providing

Bed + Breakast + Bike to their guest.

Travelers can book one B&B and use bikes for daily excursions or they can book two or more B&B, creating an itinerary.

Travelers choose where to stay based also on their affinity with the Host (that are Francesca, Lucia...)


B&B don't provide typical tour operator services like luggage transport, assistance etc... 

The movements are carried out autonomously, the distances are very short, because B&Bs are grouped by small territorial areas.




In order to start the new bicycle service, B&Bs join together in a Community called "Area",

these "Areas"  are located in small territories,  B&Bs are very close one to another, and  are composed by motivated, and passionate host.


B&Bs also aggregate other local operators (restaurants, guides, experiences, winery...) and set up a Local  Network, they promote non only an accomodation but also their territory.




Travelers choose the area to visit

They can choose :

One B&B, and they use bikes for daily excursion

Two or more B&B and create an itinerary

Very important is the affinity with Hosts 

As you know, we put relationships first, so guests choose based on the host's profile.

same passions, same sports, his story...

How it works for B&Bs

B&Bs join together in a Community called "Area".

Areas are located in small territories

Every Area also aggregate other local operators, setting up a Local  Network.

Each area is connected to the others only for communication initiatives


every B&B becomes an ambassador of his land.

they love to talk about their terriories so they:

describe itineraries, 

tell stories of  local people,

suggest small places unknown,

show where to find wonderful ice cream, eat a pizza etc..


B&Bs Freedom to create their own cycle tourism project

Network of different local operator

Motivated People full of ideas, skills and passion

Development of small territories

Share ideas, projects, bicycles



Who we are:

we are a disruptive start-up,

we are a marketplace  where B&Bs and Traveller meet each other,

we aren’t in competition with Tour Operators but we

integrate their offer,

we are not  involved in local organization, bike, tour etc...

each Area organize itself, based on its territorial characteristics

we give power and opportunities to local people to develop project


if you run a B & B, you like slow tourism by bike and you are empathetic

join us !

is as simple as riding a bike


first step: contact me at 

le disponibilità sono limitate perché i B&B hanno poche camere, se non trovi la camera sul sito puoi chiamare direttamente il gestore e chiedere della formula Empathic Bike !

Hai un Bed&Breakfast ?

Vuoi innovare il B&B e entrare in Empathic Bike ?


ti invieremo tutte le informazioni su come fare.

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